Gear System Model

System Model Presentation (PDF)

This module tool allows the design and rating of a system within a gearbox which could include several gear mesh elements. The module utilises existing functionality within other modules for mesh and component design, but co-ordinates between several mesh sub-sets to ensure more rapid and efficient development. This tool can also calculate for multiple load cases.

Gear Box Concept

This is a specialist module to help in the very earliest stages of gear box design. It allows a transmission layout to be constructed in several minutes, with no need to create a spreadsheet specific arrangement. A system model can then be constructed from the concept layout.

Individual drive stages can be laid out in 2D and intended power flows (and clutches) connected. The program will then test the resulting assembly. This step is carried out before moving to the sizing and rating of individual stages or gear pairs. It provides a solution for the speeds and torques of the components in almost any arrangement and is particularly suitable for planetary type systems.

Concept Tool presentation (PDF)

Static Deflection Model

This tool can create a gear box layout and uses a fully coupled matrix to determine the deformation through the gear, shaft, bearing and housing. It is possible to import a stiffness matrix from 3rd party software. Controls exist to indicate power through the system and emphasise The Advanced level of the tool links directly to detailed design and analysis tools within the Suite.

System Model (PDF)