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Advanced Gear Design Course

Following our extremely successful Knowledge Transfer course in September 2008, we have received considerable interest in arranging another and are therefore pleased to attach information on our next course, to be held on 2nd April 2009.

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GPS Release 4.0

The Release 4.0 of the Gear Production Suite was completed for distribution in December 2008. featuring a restructuring of the program operation to make the passing of data between modules more efficient. The Load Analysis Model for example is now called directly from the design tool.

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BGA Congress 2008

We were once again in attendance at the BGA Gears Conference held at East Midlands Airport on 20th November 2008.

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GPS Release 3.0

Release 3.0 contains a new module for the conception of planetary gear drives. This tool allows the concept design of a gearbox including components such as clutches, connections and multiple power inputs and outputs. The resulting power flows can be tested for various load levels. It also contains a new module for the design and rating of planetary gear systems. This tool can also calculate for multiple load cases.

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Gauditz Exclusivity

The implementation of the Optimal module for the optimization of tool forms has been so successful Dontyne has entered into an exclusivity deal in the plastics field with their development partner Gaudlitz GmbH, Coburg, Germany, for the further use until 2010.

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GPS Release 2.0

The new release contains new products Optimal for the optimisation of gear tooling used in formed gear production, and GATES for the calculation and analysis of stress and transmission error in loaded gear sets.

ASME, Las Vegas

Dontyne attends American Society of Mechanical Engineers Conference in Las Vegas as our reputation spreads across the Atlantic.

GPS Release 1.0

Dontyne releases a gear sizing and optimising design tool for spur and helical gears.

DUGATES development transferred from Design Unit to Dontyne

The Design Unit and Dontyne are collaborating on the continued development of the DUGATES program. This FE program has been extensively validated and used by Design Unit to optimise contact conditions, minimise Transmission Error (and hence noise) and establish robust and error tolerant designs in many applications in the last 15 years.

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