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Dontyne Systems presents Closed Loop Gear production with Mazak USA and AIMS at Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show Indianapolis Dec 2015

Dontyne continues to demonstrate the power of integration of its design tools with manufacturing machines to drive improved product performance and production efficiency. Following from the success of products to design tools and simulate processes for hobbing, grinding (and dressing), shaping, and shaving we have introduced the ability to use measured data from parts produced on a Mazak INTEGREX. Thanks from Dontyne to Mike Finn and all the Mazak team for putting DS on the Stand to demonstrate the simplicity of gear design and production using the integrated method with our GPS software.

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Dontyne Systems at Gear Expo 2015, Detroit

Well done to Rich, Davey and Piet for helping visitors to our Booth at Gear Expo. It was a good venue and certainly a good residence for the week in the GM Tower. There were plenty of leads to follow up. We will get to them all.

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Mazak Discovery event, USA

We will be exhibiting our Closed Loop gear manufacturing using 5-axis systems and Renishaw metrology at Mazak Discovery event, USA. This versatile production method for gears and tooling is pushing back the boundaries of potential production and performance of gear systems. Find out more about this event at

Dontyne Systems at the VDI

VDI Garching dontyne systems gear design

Dontyne Systems have returned from a very pleasant and successful few days in Garching, Munich at the International Conference on Gears hosted at the Gear Research Centre (FZG) of the Technical University Munich. It provided us with a great opportunity to demonstrate the latest updates and additions to our Gear Design Software.

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Job Vacancy

Applications Engineer - Gear Inspection (£24k)

GOLDEN TICKET WINNER? Detroit, 20-22nd October 2015


Booth #1831 - GOLDEN TICKET WINNER? Detroit, 20-22nd October 2015

Book a Demo of Dontyne's Build 5.2 NEW PRODUCT RELEASES at Gear Expo and enter a chance to win a Tablet device.

New Release highlights include PLANETARY LOAD ANALYSIS and T.E. plus the ground-breaking "GENERIC BEVEL" design and analysis software tools that enable anyone with a 5-AXIS CNC to successfully manufacture gears . . . you can even choose the desired marking pattern!

Also featuring improved tool design functions in the Machine Center manufacturing module and interfaces to measuring devices for a range of geared tooth components using linked Inspection Center Software tools. The Machine Center helps design new tooling or show the effects of utilizing tooling in a range of processes such as hobbing, grinding (with dressing), shaping and shaving.

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Gear Expo 2015, Detroit (USA), 20-22 October

Dontyne will be exhibiting at Gear expo in Detroit in October. This will be the third time we have exhibited there and is another chance to meet with our international customer base, especially our growing US based clients and contacts. this is another chance to demonstrate our detailed and often innovative software for gear design, analysis, and production.

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VDI International Conference on Gears 2015, Garching (Germany), 5-7 October

Dontyne will be exhibiting at the VDI conference in Munich Technical University. This will be the third time we have exhibited there and is another chance to meet with our European customer base and demonstrate our detailed and often innovative software for gear design, analysis, and production.

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Release 5.1 and 5.2 Beta available for Gear Production Suite

Following on from the Release 5.0 to this News Item there is a sub-release available to take advantage of some useful development. Those customers with a valid maintenance contract can contact us on to receive an update.


The items below show the improvements for each module;

General Improvements

  • Bspline surface export
  • Shared file for databases separate from licence (under Program Settings)
  • Site licence for individual tools

Gear Design Pro

  • Bevel Generic design
  • Automated calculating Balance sliding speed/bending strength in spur & helical pairs
  • Custom reports for planetary designer

Load Analysis Model

  • Roll check and TE for bevel with load
  • Calculated bias (flank twist) option in surface modification when crowning applied [ image bias.png]

Machine Centre

  • Custom reports on roll-out diagrams
  • Chart for balance point in shaper cutter [image Shaving Cutter Sharpening Diagram.png ]

Inspection Centre

  • Interface for Osaka Seitmitsu and Wenzel


  • Tooth numbers in concept tool
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Dontyne mixes business with pleasure with our sales partners and clients across the world

Dontyne Continues to develop international markets. Our company has greatly increased it’s customer base in USA and Japan including some significant names prominent in the automotive, aerospace and agricultural industry. carThis has been due to efforts to attend more exhibitions such as IMTS, JIMTOF and Gear Expo. It has also been a great pleasure to plan some free time during business visits to take in some of the sights and pleasures associated with the localities with our sales staff and our clients.

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