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Dontyne to Make Presentation at BGA Technical Awareness Seminar

Dontyne is introducing more tools for the detailed analysis of manufacturing techniques. In support of this and of the BGA activities we will be making a presentation in November at the Technical Awareness Seminar to be held in The Research Beehive, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Wednesday 24th November 2010.

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Dontyne to Present Technical Paper at AGMA Fall Technical Meeting

We are looking forward to meeting many existing and future customers at the AGMA FTM in Milwaukee, USA. We were in attendance last year where we co-wrote a paper presented by Rob Frazer of the Design Unit, Newcastle. The paper was well received and has now been printed in Gear Technology magazine as part of the August 2010 edition. We were impressed by the range of participants in the last event from companies around the world and urged to contribute directly ourselves. We have had a paper approved as part of the proceedings.

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Dontyne to Exhibit at International Conference On Gears

We are looking forward to meeting many existing and future customers at the VDI International Conference on Gears to be held at the Technical University of Munich (Garching) from 4-6th October. We will be on exhibiting for the duration of the conference. We are excited to be a part of the proceedings at such an illustrious event and we anticipate many new opportunities to arise from establishing international contacts. For that reason we have decided to present a paper as part of the proceedings which has been scheduled for Tuesday 5th October, 2010 at 10:00 – 10:30am in Room 1450.

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Dontyne to Exhibit at Drives and Controls, NEC, 8-10 June

We are looking forward to meeting many existing and future customers at the Drives and Controls Exhibition to be held at the NEC from 8-10th June. We will be at Stand D3909 for the duration of the exhibition. It is held in parallel with several other shows ensuring a large number of attendees from a range of industries associated with mechanical engineering and power transmission.

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Ricardo develops link to GATES

Dontyne announces a remote link has been developed by Ricardo for their SABR and SABR/GEAR software.

The link enables specialist high quality tooth contact analysis through our Load Analysis Model to be remote accessed from a more comprehensive gearbox design tool.

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Conferences in 2010

Dontyne has been notified that we have had several papers accepted for various conferences around the world.

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Gear Production Suite Release 4.3

We are pleased to announce the release of version 4.3 of our gear software. This version has some additional functionality and several modifications to improve usability based on customer feedback. Many thanks to our Beta Testers who may already be aware of many of the new additions.

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BGA Congress – 26th November 2009

The BGA Congress was held at Augusta-Westland, Yeovil. The event was very well attended in general given the condition of the market at this point and this was due in part to the opportunity to have a tour of the facilities. Dontyne was not exhibiting or presenting this year, but will consider submitting a paper for next year. It was good to see so many familiar faces, and we wish them all well in 2010.

AGMA Fall Technical Meeting – 13-15th September 2009

After joining the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) earlier in the summer, representatives from Dontyne attended the AGMA Fall Technical Meeting in Indianapolis in September.

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Advanced Gear Design Course – 29th September 2009

We have once again received considerable interest in running our Advanced Gear Design Course.

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