AGMA Fall Technical Meeting – 13-15th September 2009

After joining the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) earlier in the summer, representatives from Dontyne attended the AGMA Fall Technical Meeting in Indianapolis in September.

This was run in in conjunction with the Gear Expo which drew in all the major manufacturers of gear parts and services. This provided an opportunity to promote our products and services in North America. Several promising contacts were established during the visit and it helped considerably to have the support of our Partner, GB Engineering, based in Ontario, Canada, to follow up enquiries.

Rob Frazer of the Design Unit delivered an excellent presentation of project work completed using the GATES tool:

  • Optimizing Gear Geometry for Minimum Transmission Error, Mesh Friction Losses and Scuffing Risk Through Computer Aided EngineeringFraser R., Shaw B, Palmer D. & Fish M. AGMA FTM09, 13-15 September 2009

The paper shows how a versatile Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA), backed up by an experimentally validated model, can be used to improve the contact conditions of an operating gear system, which can not be achieved by using the design standards alone. The software can also lead to cost savings, for example improvements of fractions of a percent in efficiency for power generation using Wind Turbines represent many thousands of pounds of recovered energy, completely justifying the investment in the software. This paper reinforces the potential of the GATES tool following presentation last year at the BGA Congress in November 2008 :

  • Practical Production of Low Noise GearsPenning G., BGA Congress 2008, 20 November 2008
  • Optimisation of Gear Performance Through Surface Engineering
    Aylott C., BGA Congress 2008, 20 November 2008

Dontyne will continue to look for suitable opportunities to promote our software tools and design services in 2010.