Dontyne Develops Own Back-To-Back Test Rig for Gears

Dontyne Systems has completed the installation of our first test rig at Dontyne Gears.

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Dontyne Systems recruits two new programmers

Dontyne Systems is pleased to announce we have two new programmers to help with the increasing demands on development time for the Gear Production Suite and other applications. These new additions will allow us to streamline existing products and start work on the next generation of this software, which will represent an improvement in user experience and take advantage of modern technology offering new approaches to engineering.

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Gear Production Suite to be improved for gear forming processes through Tier 2 membership of AFRC

Dontyne Systems has become Tier 2 member of the Advanced Forming Research Centre (AFRC).The relationship will allow investigations in forming methods of production such as forging and rolling at a new level. The results will enable substantial improvement in production efficiency and reduced cost. The Gear Production Suite will be utilised for these investigations, and continually improved to address the requirements of this type of production.

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Job Vacancy

Applications Engineer - Gear Inspection (£24k)

Dontyne mixes business with pleasure with our sales partners and clients across the world

Dontyne Continues to develop international markets. Our company has greatly increased it’s customer base in USA and Japan including some significant names prominent in the automotive, aerospace and agricultural industry. carThis has been due to efforts to attend more exhibitions such as IMTS, JIMTOF and Gear Expo. It has also been a great pleasure to plan some free time during business visits to take in some of the sights and pleasures associated with the localities with our sales staff and our clients.

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UK Technology Industry Reception Given By The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh At Buckingham Palace - June 9 2014

Dontyne Systems and several other North East entrepreneurs were invited to a special reception in honour of the UK Technology Industry given by Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace on Monday June 9.

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British Gear Association AGM at Morgan Motor Company

Dontyne Systems attended the British Gear Association Annual General Meeting , this year hosted by Morgan Motor Company. The meeting was followed by a factory tour. Morgan has been producing cars on the same site since 1909 potentially making it the oldest continuously used site for motor car production in the World. The Chassis of the various models have remained fairly unchanged though there are a large range of custom options available for interior and exterior to customise the cars. Underneath they boast modern power plant and gear box from German suppliers. A recent return to the 3 wheel model production produced a surprise when, while expecting around 150 orders in total, the company found they had 200 orders before going into production a couple of years back and now 1,500 on order.

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Dontyne establishes new North American support facility

Dontyne Systems has recently established a North American support facility. We would like to announce the opening of the Cincinnati Ohio based facility effective December 15th, 2012. The support office will be managed by Mr. Rich Easley and support the company’s business throughout North America. Continued growth of our installed customer base, combined with increasing product interest has made this expansion necessary. Rich has nearly 30 years’ experience in engineering design, project management and customer support. His team in the US will provide excellent support to Dontyne’s North American growth. The Dontyne North American office may be contacted by telephone at 513-679-0313 or email at

Dontyne to Develop Convoloid® LTCA with Genesis Partners

Dontyne Systems has entered into an agreement with Genesis Partners to develop software for the tooth contact analysis of their Convoloid® gear form. Convoloid is a conformal and conjugate gear tooth form exhibiting much lower contact stresses and improved bending strengths compared to its involute equivalent in size, centre distance and face width yet its manufacture is compatible with the world’s existing gear manufacturing infrastructure. The type of analysis available will be analogous to the involute helicoid analysis tools in the Gear Production Site. Genesis Partners have demonstrated in testing that this form of gearing has significant benefits over involute helicoid equivalent by direct testing in Wind Turbine gearboxes. There will be regions within the envelope of operation of any application where either involute helicoid or Convoloid would be a better selection. The new software will enable a cost effective analysis to identify optimum choice for testing. Just as with Dontyne’s involute helicoid equivalent there will be links to manufacturing and inspection for efficient production. The Convoloid type of analysis will be exclusive to Dontyne and will be available for testing in March.

Release 4.7 available ahead of Release 5 for Gearbox Design

Gear Design Pro

  • Correction to Lubrication Film Thickness unit (mm to um) in micro-pitting report
  • Addition of micro-pitting GPS file in distribution
  • Zw work hardening factor changed value from 680 to 6800
  • Equation 51 uses the 0.2% proof stress which by default should be set at 800N/m2
  • Change to custom report to allow ‘power’ mathematical operation
  • DXF output modified
  • Changes to “Enter Teeth and Module” Mode operation to allow small centre difference changes if Sum of Addendum Mod Coeff is unchecked
  • Rotated font vertical issue after optimizer run then mat database opened
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