New Software Releases

Gear Production Suite Release 5.6

Following on from our Release 5.5 in 2018, we are pleased to announce a new Sub Release for the Gear Production Suite. There are some important updates to Standards such as ISO 6336 for widespread use in our customer base, and some improvements to functionality in Beveloid design, LTCA for mixed materials, and machine simulations for Hobbing, Profile Grinding, and Skiving for use as pre-finishing process.We have introduced Honing to compliment the Skiving functionality, and a Curvic Couple design and LTCA for the aerospace industry. Use this link to access a PDF of the changes in the new release.

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Gear Production Suite Release 5.5 now available

Following on from our Release 5.4 in 2017, we are pleased to announce a new Sub Release for the Gear Production Suite.

Use this link to access a PDF of the changes in the last two releases. View these and others in our new brochure for the GPS 5.5.

New for GPS 5.5:

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Dontyne To Release Gear Production Suite Version 5.4

Following our report on Beta testing of the V5.4 update, we are happy to confirm this is available now.

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Release 5.3 available for Gear Production Suite

Following our recent sub-releases the 5.3 Release is now available to our customers who have not updated already. There have been some significant improvements in the latest release for Machine Centre. This version sees the addition of 5-axis simulation generating G-Code to make use of existing shop floor equipment for small batch and prototyping.

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Release 5.2 and 5.3 Beta available for Gear Production Suite

This is to inform our customer base that the Sub Release 5.2 is now ready for installation. Use the link GPS Overview V5.0-V5.2 rev5 to access overview of recent changes in this and the Release 5-0 and Release 5.1.

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Release 5.1 and 5.2 Beta available for Gear Production Suite

Following on from the Release 5.0 to this News Item there is a sub-release available to take advantage of some useful development. Those customers with a valid maintenance contract can contact us on to receive an update.


The items below show the improvements for each module;

General Improvements

  • Bspline surface export
  • Shared file for databases separate from licence (under Program Settings)
  • Site licence for individual tools

Gear Design Pro

  • Bevel Generic design
  • Automated calculating Balance sliding speed/bending strength in spur & helical pairs
  • Custom reports for planetary designer

Load Analysis Model

  • Roll check and TE for bevel with load
  • Calculated bias (flank twist) option in surface modification when crowning applied [ image bias.png]

Machine Centre

  • Custom reports on roll-out diagrams
  • Chart for balance point in shaper cutter [image Shaving Cutter Sharpening Diagram.png ]

Inspection Centre

  • Interface for Osaka Seitmitsu and Wenzel


  • Tooth numbers in concept tool
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Significant additions to the GPS for Release 5.0.

The items below represent the most significant additions to the GPS for Release 5.0. All users should check for the latest changes from our subsequent builds up to our current build 8006. customers with a current maintenance contract can contact us on for an update

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Release 5.0 Available!

Thank you for your interest in Dontyne Systems.

We have been busy since we our last significant release. We now have over 100 active installations in 15 countries with more than an additional 100 test installations with improved support based in Europe, USA and Japan. From the feedback we receive the biggest selling aspect is not the price (although our products are very competitive in the market) it is the ease of use and closer integration of design with manufacture. With access to points during manufacture for machine tools and inspection equipment our software can not only design, but optimise and problem solve providing a powerful platform for product development and driving production efficiency. Many companies state the Gear Production Suite alsoworks very well alongside the larger gearbox design packages already in house providing a fast track option for certain projects or project tasks requiring fast turn around. We will be happy to show you this in an on-line demonstration.

New developments for 5.0 include:

  • bevel gear rating
  • bearing design
  • shaper cutting
  • gearbox system deflection model linked to our load analysis
  • shaft analysis for frequency and critical speed
  • remote hosting system for access to the software anywhere in the world via secure internet connection

For more information on new developments view our brochure:

Download Gear Production Suite brochure (PDF)

We would like you to try the software for yourselves. We would be glad to send you a link to install a test version . With this it is possible to activate a test licence valid for 30 days.

If we don't hear from you, we would still like to keep you informed of new developments. The development scheduled for 6.0 next year includes several tools unique to Dontyne Systems. If you would like more information then please let me know.

Bearing and Shaft Design Software in partnership with MESYS AG of Switzerland

We are pleased to announce a sales partnership with MESYS AG of Switzerland to offer bearings and shaft design to compliment our gear tools. This company has a wealth of experience in software for machine elements and already has a solid customer base in Germany and Switzerland for these new products

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Release 4.6 including ISO TR 15144 for Micropitting Method A & B

Summary Of Changes

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