Dontyne at Reishauer Forum

Dontyne presents accurate and versatile manufacturing simulations for Standard, Non-Involute, and Asymmetric Gears at Reishauer Forum, Nagoya

Dontyne Systems was pleased to present our latest developments for Release 5.4 to around 150 engineers over 2 days at the Reishauer Forum, Nagoya, last week. The presentation included simulations of special interest to users of continuous grinding technique provided by Reishauer technology, including tool design, but also profile grinding and production of gears on 5-axis machines. A 2D FE calculation was presented for the first time able to to investigate any tooth and root form, as well as investigate potential problems in production such as grinding notches. For more information on these subjects contact us on

RKK forumRKK day 2

Many thanks to Mr. Speisegger, Mr. a Marca, amd Mr. Tsuyama for the invite. Well done to the organisation team including our Mr. Haga, Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Peter, and Mr. Yoshio for their support and help in formatting the presentations for our Japanese audience. We look forward to our next support visits in 2018.