Dontyne presentation on “Testing of Convoloid® Gear Forms in Wind Turbine Applications ” at GIG Seminar, Denmark

Dontyne was once again privileged to present to a sizeable and knowledgeable forum of companies involved in wind power generation at the hosted by Gearteknisk InteresseGruppe (GIG) at the University of Southern Denmark . This time the theme was testing. Although Dontyne has no testing equipment, we were able to present on the theme through collaboration with Genesis Partners in the USA. The Abstract is shown below.

Testing of Convoloid® Gear Forms in Wind Turbine Applications
by Barney Berlinger, John Colbourne (Genesis Partners, USA), Mike Fish (Dontyne Systems, UK)

Genesis Partners (USA) has developed a Convoloid® gear form technology with advantageous contact conditions compared to Involute geometry enabling substantial reduction in size and weight over conventional Involute designs. The presentation will illustrate that testing at the National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) gave substantial confidence that the Technology works. The economics of the application of the Technology (ONLY in the US market) is discussed. Analysis of typical gear system designs including a specific design for large offshore wind turbine generator shows potential weight savings of 30% over involute equivalent with consequential savings in cost and emissions. Software is being developed by Dontyne Systems to virtually test the design benefits and limits before moving to test rig experiments for validation.

Further information on testing and analysis can be seen in the Testing of Convoloid. Please Contact Us for more details.