Dontyne Systems at Gear Expo 2015, Detroit

Well done to Rich, Davey and Piet for helping visitors to our Booth at Gear Expo. It was a good venue and certainly a good residence for the week in the GM Tower. There were plenty of leads to follow up. We will get to them all.

GearExpo_DontyneStand GearExpo_GMTower GearExpo_GMTower2

This represented the start of a development relationship with Mazak USA demonstrating how the Gear Production Suite can be used to quickly design and manufacture using versatile tooling and machining methods. Production like this is idea for rapid development, prototyping & testing, and for specials including large spiral bevels. A particularly good example completed by Mazak was on display at the Booth. A crucial part of this is an equally flexible and modern approach to inspection. This was demonstrated well by a CMM from AIMS, Dayton. This has Renishaw control system including Modus Gear and Spline, which has a gear evaluation package produced by Dontyne. Full integration of DS software ensure seamless flow of information and a Closed Loop system to be created compensating for changes in machining conditions.

MZK_ScreenDisplay MZK_Stand MZK_Large

Contact us on for more information and a demonstration of the software involved and how it can be applied to your production.