Dontyne Systems at Gear Expo 2017

WOW! What a show Gear Expo was for us. We were able to show our software in connection with spiral bevel machining on a VC500 Mazak centre and inspection both on board with the Renishaw SprintTMsystem and in-process control with the Renishaw EquatorTM. We were pleased to welcome many existing clients, and potential new clients to our booth.

Many thanks to the top management at Mazak Corp (Dan Janke, Chuck Birkle) and Renishaw Inc (Kevyn Jonas, Dan Skulan) for agreeing to supply the considerable resources to make this a live display and so effective in showing the advantage of an integrated system. Thanks also to Aimee Shandy and Mike Kerchser of Mazak and both Mark Adams and Steve Antongiovanni of Renishaw for helping with the organisation and installation. Apologies to anyone left off out list. Great job everyone.

There was also the team at the Booth of course! Great job:

Gear Expo 2017

The Dontyne Systems Booth Gear Expo 2017 : left to right Ross Graham (Dontyne Gears), Jon Brothwood (Dontyne Gears), David Palmer, Mike Fish, Rich Easley, Mike Blaise (Renishaw Inc), Dimitry Astapenko (Mazak Corp), Michael Simon (Renishaw Inc), Mike Finn (Mazak Corp)

Dontyne software is known for producing gear system designs quickly using Gear Production Suite software, This display at Booth 123 was to show how it can quickly and effectively create accurate tooling information for machine tools and inspection equipment to enable that was previously cost prohibitive or even not possible. With almost 150 leads from the week it seems we can certainly fulfil a requirement. They were often even more astonished to find the cost was well within budgets for production when saving time and money and could give ROI within weeks. We will be talking to all those good enough to stop by soon. From more info contact for a discussion on how this applies to your production.

We are booked up for Gear Expo 2019 in Detroit, as well as IMTS in Chicago September 2018, with an even better display in mind.