Dontyne Systems presents at BGA Gears 2017 on Manufacturing Simulations Including Non-involute and Asymmetric Gears

Dontyne Systems presented a paper "Accurate Models and Flexible Machines to Improve Productivity and Performance in the Gear Industry" at the Gears 2017. The event was held at AFRC, Glasgow, 15th November. The presentation illustrated that our Gear Production Suite continues to deliver requirements of Industry 4.0 by integrating design tools with manufacturing equipment.

The presentation covered a number of things including improvements to model gear geometry and manufacture to a high degree and arguments for implementing these in production considering non-dedicated machine tool and inspection equipment. The models are flexible so as to include any tooth form whether standard, non-involute, or asymmetric.

Gear Bias profile

Form grinding

Include interference Effects for Continuous and Profile Grinding for more accurate components


2D FE to investigate potential problems such as grinding notches as well novel designs of root form and non-involute

Face Mill

5-Axis CNC Bevel Gear including G-Code export for flexible production and optimum performance


Asymmetric Gears (Beta 5.5)

We look forward to presenting at next years event. If you would like a live demonstration or more information contact us on

Well done to the other presenters too, including 2 from the Design Unit, Newcastle, utilising our GPS software functionality.