Dontyne Systems presents Closed Loop Gear production with Mazak USA and AIMS at Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show Indianapolis Dec 2015

Dontyne continues to demonstrate the power of integration of its design tools with manufacturing machines to drive improved product performance and production efficiency. Following from the success of products to design tools and simulate processes for hobbing, grinding (and dressing), shaping, and shaving we have introduced the ability to use measured data from parts produced on a Mazak INTEGREX. Thanks from Dontyne to Mike Finn and all the Mazak team for putting DS on the Stand to demonstrate the simplicity of gear design and production using the integrated method with our GPS software.


Mike Finn presenting the Closed Loop process at PRI show

The AIMS CMM was already fitted with Renishaw software which has Modus Gear & Spline incorporating Dontyne Systems software ensuring full compatibility.

The PRI show was an ideal launching point for this system as it is attended by small racing teams with a requirement for low volume, low cost, versatile production ideal for this equipment.


Examples of the types of racing cars run by the teams