Dontyne Systems recruits two new programmers

Dontyne Systems is pleased to announce we have two new programmers to help with the increasing demands on development time for the Gear Production Suite and other applications. These new additions will allow us to streamline existing products and start work on the next generation of this software, which will represent an improvement in user experience and take advantage of modern technology offering new approaches to engineering.

Alexei Holgate

Alexei has been appointed our Lead Software Developer/Engineer for Dontyne Systems. He has experience in Application Development, 3D Computation, and MMVM design patterns. His experience in leading development with AGILE and SOLID principles will certainly help as we increase our developer pool. A particular bonus is his background experience in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on FEA analysis. This is very much applicable to many aspects of our GPS tool.

James Lees

James recently joined Dontyne Systems as a Software Developer after graduating from Newcastle University in 2019. Having achieved a BSc with Honours in Computer Science and then a MSc in Computer Security and Resilience he has a wide range of knowledge including software development, machine learning and cyber security. James is excited, as we are, to apply this to both current and future Dontyne projects.