Dontyne Systems Software Updates

A message from company Director, Dr. Michael Fish on what our customer's can expect from the latest Dontyne Systems GPS update and what lies ahead for Dontyne Systems Ltd.

"2016 has been a turbulent year in the world of business, with political events such as Brexit and the US presidential election sending ripples of uncertainty through the international business community.

However, I am pleased to say, we at Dontyne Systems Ltd have enjoyed a relatively stable and productive year which has seen us welcome new clients and increase our reputation in the Gear Manufacturing sector. We are confident of this continuing into with the release of our V5.3 update to our Gear Production Suite software in December and a release V5.4 in 2017.

These updates have been designed through our constant interaction with our customers. Listening to their feedback and to what they wish to see incorporated in to the software to aid testing and manufacture.

For example, we are getting very strong demand for design & analysis products. The recent addition of the Planetary Transmission Error Model has already sparked interest. The Gearbox Deflection Model is also beginning to be used more widely being simple to use and effective.

We are also seeing strong demand for Hob & Grind Manufacturing simulations. We have found these are particularly popular all around the world. The recent introduction of an Advanced level which looks at tool balancing for more accurate profile generation is proving very popular. We are also seeing an uptake in our software to produce a Closed Loop Manufacturing System. This has already proven popular in the Drop Forging and Injection Molding industry, where we can

use measured data to improve tool accuracy.

The new tool we will be releasing for V5.3 will be a Multi-Axis Machine Tool simulation with G-code export. This was launched at the IMTS show in Chicago in September and will feature in various proceeding events, including JIMTOF in November.

We believe the introduction of this tool will save many hundreds of thousands of pounds in production costs and enable hundreds of companies previously limited by costs and resources, to start producing gears in-house.

Following this, Dr. David Palmer will be turning our attention to a V6 of the software, which will be a new approach, utilizing all the most modern software capabilities. We hope the result will be a further enhancement in both the function and presentation of our product.

We are looking forward to exhibiting these developments around the world in the upcoming months and to our continued work with our customers in 2017 as we strive constantly to improve and enhance our products.