Dontyne to Develop Convoloid® LTCA with Genesis Partners

Dontyne Systems has entered into an agreement with Genesis Partners to develop software for the tooth contact analysis of their Convoloid® gear form. Convoloid is a conformal and conjugate gear tooth form exhibiting much lower contact stresses and improved bending strengths compared to its involute equivalent in size, centre distance and face width yet its manufacture is compatible with the world’s existing gear manufacturing infrastructure. The type of analysis available will be analogous to the involute helicoid analysis tools in the Gear Production Site. Genesis Partners have demonstrated in testing that this form of gearing has significant benefits over involute helicoid equivalent by direct testing in Wind Turbine gearboxes. There will be regions within the envelope of operation of any application where either involute helicoid or Convoloid would be a better selection. The new software will enable a cost effective analysis to identify optimum choice for testing. Just as with Dontyne’s involute helicoid equivalent there will be links to manufacturing and inspection for efficient production. The Convoloid type of analysis will be exclusive to Dontyne and will be available for testing in March.