Dontyne to Present Technical Paper at AGMA Fall Technical Meeting

We are looking forward to meeting many existing and future customers at the AGMA FTM in Milwaukee, USA. We were in attendance last year where we co-wrote a paper presented by Rob Frazer of the Design Unit, Newcastle. The paper was well received and has now been printed in Gear Technology magazine as part of the August 2010 edition. We were impressed by the range of participants in the last event from companies around the world and urged to contribute directly ourselves. We have had a paper approved as part of the proceedings.

Title: Evaluation of Methods for Calculating Effects of Tip Relief on Transmission Error, Noise and Stress in Loaded Spur Gears

The paper is an overview of the theory of surface modification which is used to optimise gear performance for a specific set of operating conditions. It will explain some techniques of various sophistication used to improve performance characteristics which are not covered in the international standards. We hope it will also be of interest to those not necessarily in the gearing industry but who are required to specify gears in their design projects as it will illustrate how a perfectly made gear will not necessarily perform well in operation, and how modification can be used to optimise performance compensating for deformation and misalignment. The main point being that the calculation of performance characteristics at the design stage can be made with a good quality model and compensations made if necessary before manufacture with considerable savings in resources. The calculation techniques are shown to be validated by experimental data. We anticipate many new opportunities from establishing improved international contacts through the presentation.