Dontyne To Release Gear Production Suite Version 5.4

Following our report on Beta testing of the V5.4 update, we are happy to confirm this is available now.

Updates include:

Gear Design Pro

  • Generic gear from tool
  • Cropping and extension of tooth forms for Die production (Forged and Injection Moulding) manufacture
  • Virtual 5 Axis Machine Construction

Load Analysis Model

  • 2D FE
  • Generic load analysis

Machine Centre

  • Tool from non-involute profile (Generic)
  • Face milling for fast tooth generation in CNC
  • Protuberance and chamfers on shaper cutters
  • Profile and Thread Grinding simulation in 3D
  • Single Component Version (extensively requested by manufacturers)

Inspection Centre

  • Statistic
  • Diagnostic
  • Link to optical scanning equipment

5.5 Beta

  • Asymmetric involute flank design

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