Eaton Corporation

Eaton and Dontyne Systems have completed the improvement and integration of design and manufacturing software to significantly reduce product development time in the production of bevel gear systems. The dramatic improvements have demonstrated Dontyne’s ability to deliver complex development in a relatively short time frame.

Tom Riley of Eaton Corporation said of the collaboration: “Dontyne’s software brought us a huge improvement in productivity: reducing hours of work to seconds. The visual representations make the software very intuitive to use and understand, and the results are quite accurate. The endeavor was so successful that more collaboration is inevitable.”

Mike Fish of Dontyne Systems said “We were delighted to work with Eaton on the recent project, and very happy to hear about the significant improvements in production enabled by the development. This has once again proven Dontyne can deliver customer specific requirement to utilise a large internal knowledge base of design and machining procedure, which can be developed as a stand-alone program or integrated to our off-the-shelf design and analysis tools in the Gear Production Suite if required.”