Gauditz Exclusivity

The implementation of the Optimal module for the optimization of tool forms has been so successful Dontyne has entered into an exclusivity deal in the plastics field with their development partner Gaudlitz GmbH, Coburg, Germany, for the further use until 2010.

Herr Franz (Head of Product Development) stated “The lead times and accuracy made possible by the introduction of the Optimal calculation would simply not have been possible without the software.”

A program of development has been proposed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss to carry out full 3D correction to tool forms by interfacing to their metrology machines. The Optimal calculation module will be combined with Dontyne’s ‘Inspection Centre’ capability to carry out a full QA using the 3D surface data to simulate test procedures including double and single flank testing.

Herr Schwarz (Managing Director) has expressed great excitement at the development program saying “The close cooperation afforded by this relationship will greatly increase the scope and performance of the product, and ensure Gaudlitz remains at the forefront of innovation in the industry”.