Gear Production Suite Release 4.3

We are pleased to announce the release of version 4.3 of our gear software. This version has some additional functionality and several modifications to improve usability based on customer feedback. Many thanks to our Beta Testers who may already be aware of many of the new additions.

The latest version sees the introduction of the Machine Centre and Inspection Centre modules (formerly used on consultancy work) as outlined in our Newsletter 4.

Summary of Changes

Gear Design Pro

  • Scaling of window and fonts
  • Selection of the design mode (including the override) moved to designer window
  • Manufacturing tolerances
  • Addition Design Unit format reports
  • Centrally accessible material and rack database for floating licence installations

Gear System Model (Planetary)

  • Cumulative damage report

Load Analysis Model

  • Equation to define profile modification
  • Plot of torque vs TE
  • 2D Graph scaling

Machine Centre (New Module)

  • Calculation of root form including protuberance for hob/grind combinations

Inspection Centre (New Module)

  • ISO/DIN/AGMA Parameter evaluation for Spur & Helical components