Gear Production Suite Release 4.4 & 4.5

We are pleased to announce Release 4.5 of our gear software. This release comes so soon after the release of 4.4 that it may not have been possible to update all customers yet! There are two further releases expected this year.

A Sub-Release 4.6 due end of June will have the micro-pitting calculation ISO 15144. Method B and Method A will be part of the Gear Design Pro and Load Analysis Model (Advanced) licences resepectively so there will be no additional costs to those customer who have the appropriate licence. This release will also have a worm variant of the Load Analysis Model. To accompany this, we will add the tangential feed hob simulation for gear wheel and the thread generation variant to the machine centre. It will also see the addition of the new module ‘Optimal’. This can correct for errors in the manufacturing process. It has been used successfully in the plastic and sintered gear field until now resulting in large savings in production costs and time, but it can be equally applied to other methods of manufacture.

A new full Release 5.0 is due at the end of the summer. This will include several significant new tools such as the rating of bevels and splines, and also the design and rating as well as the load analysis of plastic gears.

The new version has some additional functionality and several modifications to improve usability based on customer feedback. Many thanks to our Beta Testers who may already be aware of many of the new additions. The latest version sees the introduction of the Connections module.

How to obtain the upgrade

Any customer with a current maintenance contract is entitled to the upgrade for their existing licensed modules. Contact us at or telephone for a code to download the release from our website. Customers without a current maintenance contract please contact us to discuss their options.

Summary of Changes – 4.4

  • Connections (NEW)
    Splines (Geometry only) ISO and DIN
  • Gear Design Pro
    Tool database
    Link rating to tool design (short lead hobbing)
    3 custom report options
  • Gear System Model
    Phasing (Planetary)
    Larger duty cycle definition
  • Concept Tool
    Power loss/Efficiency
  • Inspection Centre
    Spur & Helical
  • Machine Centre
    Link tool design to rating

Summary of Changes – 4.5

  • Connections
    Splines (Geometry only) ANSI
  • Gear Design Pro
    DIN thickness calculation
    Full duty cycle illustrated on SN curves
  • Inspection Centre
  • Machine Centre
    Shaving variant
    Hob/Grind has dresser profile definition (Advanced level)