Gear Production Suite Release 5.6

Following on from our Release 5.5 in 2018, we are pleased to announce a new Sub Release for the Gear Production Suite. There are some important updates to Standards such as ISO 6336 for widespread use in our customer base, and some improvements to functionality in Beveloid design, LTCA for mixed materials, and machine simulations for Hobbing, Profile Grinding, and Skiving for use as pre-finishing process.We have introduced Honing to compliment the Skiving functionality, and a Curvic Couple design and LTCA for the aerospace industry. Use this link to access a PDF of the changes in the new release.

General Operation

  • Manual licence check in/out for floating licences
  • Administrator added to licence system
  • Machine Centre and Inspection Centre modules as Stand Alone Installation (considers single component production ideal for integration to other systems)

Gear Design Pro

  • Spur & Helical / Standard / GDP Spur & Helical ISO 6336 update. Main changes are :-

- New factor f epsilon for Form factor YF

- New factor fZCa for contact factors ZB and ZD

- Helix angle factor Ybeta changed from old standard and messes up all results

- Formulas 33 to 61 implemented for shaped fillets internal and external. We already had similar VDI implemented but these mostly follow that and result seems same but I had to put them in same as standard says.

  • Spur & Helical / Standard / Additional IGES output for cutting blanks
  • Beveloid / Standard / Sectors with non-integer teeth

Machine Centre

Gear Skiving in 5.6
  • Honing simulation (NEW)
  • Skiving / Standard / Add definition of protuberance on tool for simulation as pre-finish process -with Validation
  • Skiving / Standard / simulate by dedicated or 5-axis machine - with Validation
  • Hob & Continuous Grind / Standard / Define tool from gear profile mod
  • Profile Grind / Advanced / 3D Effects
  • Update language Japanese text
  • Add Korean language text

Load Analysis Model

  • Spur & Helical / Standard / Input Surface modifications as per Advanced level
  • 2DFE / Standard / Duty cycle
  • 2DFE added to Beveloid
  • Spur & Helical / Standard / Mixed material allows steel against other such as PM and plastic
  • Bevel / Standard / Improved viewing for marking pattern
  • Bevel / Standard / Backlash plotted in charts over full revolution

Inspection Centre

  • Integration to inspection (Okuma Grinder)
  • Inspection Centre Integration to Hexagon


Curvic Couple

  • Curvic Couples (NEW)
  • Spline / Standard / Add evaluation to ANSI 92.1b
  • Spline / Standard / Export surface as 2D IGES

Customers can request an update via For a live demo of the software contact us and we will agree a suitable time for a webinar for you and your colleagues.