Gear Technology Magazine Article on Modelling Transmission Error featuring Analysis of High Contact Ratio Gears

Gear Technology has recently published an article named “Evaluation of Methods for Calculating Effects of Tip Relief on Transmission Error, Noise and Stress in Loaded Spur Gears” derived from the technical paper presented at the AGMA Fall Technical Meeting. The paper illustrates the principles of transmission error modelling. It also describes the differences to expect when opting for different types of mathematical models. The graphics show clearly why the same gear will require a different extent as well as amount to optimise performance at a given load, and that different gears will require a different relief strategy. It has an analysis of High Contact Ratio (HCR) gears and highlights some pitfalls to watch out for when opting for this type of gear and applying tip relief.

Dontyne has a Load Analysis Model tool within the Gear Production Suite with different levels of sophistication which have been experimentally validated and the results presented show the close correlation. The result show that a simple model can be used to predict and optimise operating characteristics and has close correlation with FE methods for some geometrical conditions,but a more sophisticated model (such as the Dontyne GATES calculation) is required to accurately represent extended contact conditions and tooth tip and edge effects. This gives added assurance in large or safety critical applications.