IEC/ISO 61400-4: Design requirements for wind turbine gearboxes

Wind turbine gearbox suppliers are currently reviewing the proposed changes to this standard and its implications to gear stress analysis on existing and new gearboxes. The standard defines how ISO 6336 should be applied to wind turbine gearboxes and these specific needs are available in the latest version of the software.

The latest version of the software includes:

  1. Numerical analysis of load distribution over helix and profile directions with thin sliced model or 3D FEA and TCA options available.
  2. Cumulative damage calculation for a defined load spectrum in accordance with ISO 6336-6.
  3. Defining a minimum load distribution factor kHbeta of 1.15 if calculations return lower values.
  4. Defining a minimum dynamic factor Kv of 1.05.
  5. The ability to modify material permissible stress data, based on test results.
  6. The ability to quantify the benefits of tooth modification strategies using 2D or 3D modelling.