NEW FOR JIMTOF 2016! G-Code Export to CNC - driving efficiency

JIMTOF Gears 2016

Force balancing of tooling for hobbing, grinding, and shaping simulations has been introduced. This will considerably reduce potential profile form errors in generation. There is also now the ability to design double protuberance tools and to edit tools in the database directly if required.

We are further closing the gap in gear manufacturing by offering a viable, flexible alternative to dedicated gear equipment that enables multi-axis CNCs to be used for small to medium batch, R&D or one-off gears that may be cost and space prohibitive to justify large capital investment in dedicated equipment. It is also possible to create tooling such as dyes for forging and injection moulding.

The Gear Production Suite can improve quality through inspection with a simple “corrective” function using measured data if parts deviate from normal master in Closed-Loop Gear Machining (CLGM). Using the closed loop system it is possible to apply corrective action to compensate for thermal distortions in the process with substantial reductions in production time and improved quality.

For companies looking for an alternative to standard gear production methods, G-Code Export to CNC Machining will help to save valuable time and resources. Further development and direct integration with machine tools will enable real time correction for error from tool wear and thermal distortion.

Visit us on stand #E1077 at JIMTOF 2016 on Tuesday November 22 to watch a live demonstration.

Alternatively you can email us to request information on the new software including or to arrange a free trial installation.