Release 4.7 available ahead of Release 5 for Gearbox Design

Gear Design Pro

  • Correction to Lubrication Film Thickness unit (mm to um) in micro-pitting report
  • Addition of micro-pitting GPS file in distribution
  • Zw work hardening factor changed value from 680 to 6800
  • Equation 51 uses the 0.2% proof stress which by default should be set at 800N/m2
  • Change to custom report to allow ‘power’ mathematical operation
  • DXF output modified
  • Changes to “Enter Teeth and Module” Mode operation to allow small centre difference changes if Sum of Addendum Mod Coeff is unchecked
  • Rotated font vertical issue after optimizer run then mat database opened

Load Analysis Model

  • Contact ratio limit increased beyond 12

Machine Centre

  • Generated angle on gear from hob chamfer in hob simulation
  • Check box added to display of profile modification
  • Change to shaper calculation
  • Improvement to English units in Machine Centre reporting
  • SAP recalculated after adding chamfers
  • Dresser and other tool gear pair design data stored
  • Change the cutter reference line to reference diameter value in the hob information


  • Rounding specified by user in spline
  • Correction to spline rounding entry
  • Correction to read-in of Emax/Emin values in splines

Gear System Model

  • Module limit extended to 100mm in Planetary designer
  • Planet design module up to 100mm
  • Speed limit increased to 50,000 RPM

GPS Operation

  • Time check removed
  • Removal of database access from main menu
  • Rich edit insert error in report (modified for test)