Release 5.1 and 5.2 Beta available for Gear Production Suite

Following on from the Release 5.0 to this News Item there is a sub-release available to take advantage of some useful development. Those customers with a valid maintenance contract can contact us on to receive an update.


The items below show the improvements for each module;

General Improvements

  • Bspline surface export
  • Shared file for databases separate from licence (under Program Settings)
  • Site licence for individual tools

Gear Design Pro

  • Bevel Generic design
  • Automated calculating Balance sliding speed/bending strength in spur & helical pairs
  • Custom reports for planetary designer

Load Analysis Model

  • Roll check and TE for bevel with load
  • Calculated bias (flank twist) option in surface modification when crowning applied [ image bias.png]

Machine Centre

  • Custom reports on roll-out diagrams
  • Chart for balance point in shaper cutter [image Shaving Cutter Sharpening Diagram.png ]

Inspection Centre

  • Interface for Osaka Seitmitsu and Wenzel


  • Tooth numbers in concept tool

5.2 Beta (Due December 2015)

The most significant developments so for this are ;

  • Planetary LTCA to optimise design [image Planetary phasing 1 high res.png]
  • Bevel micro-geometry settings determined from required marking [ image bevel mods.png]
  • Multiple surface modifications stored with design data

We will be adding more by the release date later this year. There is a 5.2 Beta available to test by contacting us on