Release 5.3 available for Gear Production Suite

Following our recent sub-releases the 5.3 Release is now available to our customers who have not updated already. There have been some significant improvements in the latest release for Machine Centre. This version sees the addition of 5-axis simulation generating G-Code to make use of existing shop floor equipment for small batch and prototyping.

Gearbox Model

  • Tooth numbers in concept tool

Gear Design Pro

  • Extending and chamfering (cropping) or bevel tooth form for forged parts
    Gear Design Pro
  • Additional tolerances on tooling
  • Editing for tool database entries
    Tool database filter system
  • Tool Database filter system
  • Enter tolerance as a ball size deviation or tangent


  • stopped root relief changing with pressure angle by an extra degree

Load Analysis Model

  • Misalignment added to bevel gears to investigate stress condition
    Contact stress
  • Plotting family of curves in Batch Run function

Machine Centre

  • 5-Axis simulation and G-Code export for Spur & Helical and Bevel
  • Force balancing for hob, grind, and shape
    Force balancing
  • Double protuberance hob tool designs
  • Protuberance on shaper cutter
    Protuberance shaped
  • Manufacture finished + hob hickness same add small stock
  • Added another dashed line for finished involute

Inspection Centre

  • Projection of surface error on 3D tooth image
  • Heat Map shows contours of surface error
    Heat map


  • Corrections to full 3D cavities (injection moulding, forging)
  • Corrections to G-code 5 axis machine paths from measured data for more accurate product.

Any customer with a valid maintenance or lease contract can update straight away by contacting us at and we will be happy to discuss these changes and their implications for your company.

5.4 (Release Due October 2017)

Several improvements are scheduled for this including better data management. There will be significant improvements to the design as well as manufacturing simulations. Current development for Release 5.4 due is progressing well and will be ready for October 2017 in time for Gear Expo, Columbus where you can find us at Booth 123.