Ricardo develops link to GATES

Dontyne announces a remote link has been developed by Ricardo for their SABR and SABR/GEAR software.

The link enables specialist high quality tooth contact analysis through our Load Analysis Model to be remote accessed from a more comprehensive gearbox design tool.

(A case study to demonstrate the type of development possible is available on request)

The Dontyne Gear Production Suite installation can also operate independently. We think there is also an opportunity for the user to recognise the value of some of our other specialist tools within the suite which can work in conjunction with an existing 3D package such as our Gearbox Concept Tool. We will also offer a 1 year lease option to match the model used by Ricardo but our installation it is to be sold and maintained completely independently of their package. This development emphasises that we have modules which can fit around existing packages so that they are not an ‘either/or’ choice.

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