Significant additions to the GPS for Release 5.0.

The items below represent the most significant additions to the GPS for Release 5.0. All users should check for the latest changes from our subsequent builds up to our current build 8006. customers with a current maintenance contract can contact us on for an update


  • Remote Hosting version using Dontyne's own server with access via Internet
  • New Licence system allowing 8 variants per module

Gearbox Model (NEW MODULE)

  • Concept Tool (moved to Gearbox Model)
  • Concept tool shows power to identify inefficient design

Gear Design Pro

  • Spur & Helical - Rack & Pinion mode added
  • Additional custom report options for spur & helical designs

Planetary - Fine tune geometry - Roots and Chamfers

  • Call manufacturing from planetary designer
  • Incremental adjustment for planetary designs
  • Finished and pre finished thickness settings
  • Short lead pressure angle racks for planetary designs
  • Custom report for planetary designer
  • Single component version (delayed until 5.1)
  • Call to Bevel ISO/AGMA Design (NEW VARIANT)
  • Convoloid (NEW VARIANT)

Load Analysis Model

  • Mirco-Erosion calculation for modelling long term micro pitting
  • Batch Running of Micro-Geometry for optimised surface modification
  • New dll for GATES to solve access problems
  • Show form limit on shaper gear when no stock is removed
  • Start from dataset entry in tree using context menu
  • Import measurement data from dataset entry in tree using context menu

Machine Centre

  • New limit of 45 deg pressure angle added
  • Input transverse module and pressure angle
  • Export tooth or tooth space
  • Export single tooth or all from shaper


  • Helical spline design
  • SAE rating for spline
  • Non-standard pressure angle spline
  • ANSI B92.1b 1996 for splines added
  • Combined/Missing tooth forms in splines
  • Bearings added (NEW VARIANT - MESYS AG)

Inspection Centre

  • Spur & Helical (New Variant)
  • Spline (New Variant)
  • Worm (New Variant)