Dontyne Systems Supports Dontyne Gears at JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition

Dontyne Systems will be supporting Dontyne Gears at the JSAE AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION Event in Yokohama, Japan, from 24-26 May.

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Dontyne Systems to Exhibit at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, Las Vegas, March 7-11

We will be taking part as exhibitors in CONEXPO 2017 coming soon. This exhibition is for the construction industry which includes a range of machines and devices with drive systems. Our Business Manager, Rich Easley, will be in attendance at booth C33247 to answer questions about the application of Dontyne Systems in the construction industry.

Dontyne Systems at JIMTOF 2016

Dontyne Systems will once again be on the Reishauer KK stand at JIMTOF event, Big Sight Tokyo, in November.

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Dontyne launches G-code export to CNC machining at IMTS, Chicago, 12-17 September

Dontyne Gears will promote its range of products and services at IMTS next month. This will include the launch of a tool in the Gear Production Suite by Dontyne Systems to generate G-code for machine tools to cut gear teeth without the need for a CAM package. This will save a great deal of time for any company looking for alternatives to standard gear production methods. Mazak Inc have confirmed the output is compatible with their range of products and will be demonstrating the use of this at the show. Further development and direct integration with machine tools will enable real time correction for error from tool wear and thermal distortion.

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Direct export to Mazak USA machine tools for accelerated production

Following from the PRI show, Dontyne has supported Mazak USA at several events in-house and with agencies in Florence, Los Angeles, Windsor Locks , Schaumberg, and Detroit.

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Dontyne to make presentation with Mazak in AeroDef 2016, Los Angeles, February 10th.


Dontyne will be making a joint presentation on "Closed Loop Production on 5axis Machines" with Mike Finn of Mazak on Wednesday 10th February at the AeroDef 2016 exhibition Long Beach, California. It was too late to exhibit this time, but we will be marking it in our calendar. We will be making use of the rest of the week doing workshops on the subject of efficient gear production using 5-axis systems for Mazak personnel and customers within the region. This is one of many events we have lined up in the US working with Mazak on the run up to IMTS in September.

Dontyne Systems presents Closed Loop Gear production with Mazak USA and AIMS at Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show Indianapolis Dec 2015

Dontyne continues to demonstrate the power of integration of its design tools with manufacturing machines to drive improved product performance and production efficiency. Following from the success of products to design tools and simulate processes for hobbing, grinding (and dressing), shaping, and shaving we have introduced the ability to use measured data from parts produced on a Mazak INTEGREX. Thanks from Dontyne to Mike Finn and all the Mazak team for putting DS on the Stand to demonstrate the simplicity of gear design and production using the integrated method with our GPS software.

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Dontyne Systems at Gear Expo 2015, Detroit

Well done to Rich, Davey and Piet for helping visitors to our Booth at Gear Expo. It was a good venue and certainly a good residence for the week in the GM Tower. There were plenty of leads to follow up. We will get to them all.

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Mazak Discovery event, USA

We will be exhibiting our Closed Loop gear manufacturing using 5-axis systems and Renishaw metrology at Mazak Discovery event, USA. This versatile production method for gears and tooling is pushing back the boundaries of potential production and performance of gear systems. Find out more about this event at

Dontyne Systems at the VDI

VDI Garching dontyne systems gear design

Dontyne Systems have returned from a very pleasant and successful few days in Garching, Munich at the International Conference on Gears hosted at the Gear Research Centre (FZG) of the Technical University Munich. It provided us with a great opportunity to demonstrate the latest updates and additions to our Gear Design Software.

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