Seminar on Gears and Bearings 4th & 5th September

HeythropParkResortDontyne and MESYS AG are hosting a joint Seminar on Gears and Bearings in the beautiful setting of Heythrop Park Resort, Oxfordshire, UK. The Seminar is spread over 2 days and will look at software tools for the design and analysis using International Standards and Custom tools. The influence of manufacturing on rating and performance is considered, and practical methods to optimise performance. There will be a chance to discuss current design practices and try newly developed software products from both companies. Download the registration form to reserve a place or contact Clare Knight using

Mike Fish elected to the British Gear Association Executive Council

We are pleased to report that Mike Fish has been elected to the Executive Council of the British Gear Association. This enforces Dontyne’s commitment to the BGA in the support of the gear industry in the UK. With Dr. Palmer and Dr. Fish both benefiting from BGA course in their carer development, it is a real privileged to be invited to participate at this level and Dontyne is looking forward to contributing to the development of engineers of the future. This adds to recent commitments to the working groups for ISO on various subjects such as load capacity for cylindrical gears, worm gears, and gear measurement.

Dontyne presentation on “Testing of Convoloid® Gear Forms in Wind Turbine Applications ” at GIG Seminar, Denmark

Dontyne was once again privileged to present to a sizeable and knowledgeable forum of companies involved in wind power generation at the hosted by Gearteknisk InteresseGruppe (GIG) at the University of Southern Denmark . This time the theme was testing. Although Dontyne has no testing equipment, we were able to present on the theme through collaboration with Genesis Partners in the USA. The Abstract is shown below.

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Gear Technology Magazine Article on Modelling Transmission Error featuring Analysis of High Contact Ratio Gears

Gear Technology has recently published an article named “Evaluation of Methods for Calculating Effects of Tip Relief on Transmission Error, Noise and Stress in Loaded Spur Gears” derived from the technical paper presented at the AGMA Fall Technical Meeting. The paper illustrates the principles of transmission error modelling. It also describes the differences to expect when opting for different types of mathematical models. The graphics show clearly why the same gear will require a different extent as well as amount to optimise performance at a given load, and that different gears will require a different relief strategy. It has an analysis of High Contact Ratio (HCR) gears and highlights some pitfalls to watch out for when opting for this type of gear and applying tip relief.

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Webinar Sessions for Gear Production Suite

Dontyne will be starting a series of Webinars on modules within the Gear Production Suite starting with Gear Design Pro. These will be held on the last Tuesday in every month starting in April. Although open to anybody, they are specifically aimed at occasional Gear Design Pro users as a refresher. Simply register the emails of those wishing to participate and a suitable date.

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A Proposed Life Calculation for Micropitting and Other Collaborations with Dave Barnett

Dontyne is pleased to announce that we have started several projects in collaboration with Dave Barnett. Dave has worked with several distinguished companies such as Westland, Eaton, and Renold Gears on a wide range of projects for spur & helical, bevel, and worm gears. The projects have often involved considering both design and manufacture for optimised production and performance which fits perfectly with the Dontyne philosophy. His experience will be invaluable to the further development of our product line.

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